path Get/ search path.
PATH, by itself, prettyprints MATLAB’s current search path. The
initial search path list is set by PATHDEF, and is perhaps
individualized by STARTUP.

P = path returns a string containing the path in P.
path(P) changes the path to P. path(PATH) refreshes MATLAB’s
view of the directories on the path, ensuring that any changes
to non-toolbox directories are visible.

path(P1,P2) changes the path to the concatenation of the two path
strings P1 and P2. Thus path(PATH,P) appends a new directory to
the current path and path(P,PATH) prepends a new path. If P1 or
P2 are already on the path, they are not added.

, the following add another directory
to MATLAB’s search path on various operating systems:





See also , cd, dir, addpath, , , rehash

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