Example and Functions

Matlab and Simulink Controls

  • if

    if if statement condition. The general form of the if statement is if expression statements ELSEIF expression statements ELSE statements…

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  • continue

    continue Pass control to the next iteration of FOR or WHILE loop. continue passes control to the next iteration of…

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  • else

    else Used with IF. else is used with IF. The statements after the else are executed if all the preceding…

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  • case

    Matlab Case Switch Statement case SWITCH statement case. case is part of the SWITCH statement syntax, whose general form is:…

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  • Controls


    for Repeat statements a specific number of times. The general form of a for statement is: for variable = expr,…

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  • while

    while Repeat statements an indefinite number of times. The general form of a while statement is: while expression statements END…

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