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    delete Delete file or object.
    delete file_ deletes the named file from disk. Wildcards
    may be used. For , delete *.p deletes all P-files from the
    current directory.

    Use the functional form of DELETE, such as delete(‘file’) when the
    file name is stored in a string.

    delete(H) deletes the graphics object with H. If the object
    is a window, the window is closed and deleted without confirmation.
    help /delete.m
    help scribehgobj/delete.m
    help scribehandle/delete.m
    help hgbin/delete.m
    help editrect/delete.m
    help arrowline/delete.m
    help serial/delete.m
    help activex/delete.m
    help rptsp/delete.m
    help rptgui/delete.m
    help rptcp/delete.m

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