Using .NET from MATLAB

What Is the Microsoft .NET Framework?

The Microsoft .NET Framework is an integral Windows component that provides a large body of precoded solutions to common program requirements, and manages the execution of programs written specifically for the Framework.

MATLAB software supports the .NET Framework on the Windows platform only.

Benefits of the MATLAB .NET Interface

The MATLAB .NET interface enables you to:

  • Create instances of .NET classes.
  • Interact with .NET applications via their class members.
  • Why Use the MATLAB .NET Interface?

Use the MATLAB .NET interface to take advantage of the capabilities of the Microsoft .NET Framework. For example:

  • You have a professionally developed .NET assembly and want to use it to do certain operations, such as access hardware.
  • You want to leverage the capabilities of programming in .NET (for example, you have existing C# programs).
  • You want to access existing Microsoft-supplied classes for .NET.
  • Limitations to .NET Support

MATLAB supports the .NET features C# supports, except for the limits noted in the following table.

What’s the Difference Between the MATLAB .NET Interface and MATLAB Builder NE?

The MATLAB .NET interface is for MATLAB users who want to use .NET assemblies in MATLAB.

MATLAB® Builder™ NE (previously called .NET Builder) packages MATLAB functions so that .NET programmers can access them. It brings MATLAB into .NET applications. For more information about this product, follow the instructions for accessing Product Documentation at the MathWorks Web Site in the MATLAB Desktop Tools and Development Environment documentation.


The MATLAB interface to .NET is available on the Windows platform only.

You must have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your system. The MATLAB interface supports the features of the .NET Framework Version 2.0, and works with Version 2.0 or above.

To use a .NET application, refer to your product documentation for information about how to install the program and for details about its functionality.

Using a .NET assembly in MATLAB

For an example of using .NET in MATLAB, see:

  • Getting Started with .NET

For detailed information, see:

  • Loading .NET Assemblies into MATLAB
  • Using a .NET Object
  • To Learn More About the .NET Framework

For a complete description of the .NET Framework, you need to consult outside resources.

[important]One source of information is the Microsoft Developer Network at You can explore the .NET Framework Development Center or search the MSDN® site for the term “.NET Framework”. The .NET Framework Class Library is a programming reference manual. Many examples in this documentation refer to classes in this library. There are different versions of the .NET Framework documentation. See Requirements for information about version support in MATLAB.[/important]

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