Starting Simulink Software

Simulink for Beginner

Opening the Simulink Library Browser

Your MATLAB environment must be running before you can open Simulink software. You start Simulink from within MATLAB.

To start Simulink and open the Simulink Library Browser:

  • Start MATLAB. For more information, see Starting a MATLAB Session in the MATLAB Getting Started Guide.

Enter simulink in the MATLAB Command Window.

The Simulink Library Browser opens.

[warning]You can also start Simulink by:

  • Clicking the Simulink icon in the MATLAB toolbar
  • Clicking the MATLAB Start button, then selecting Simulink > Library Browser


Opening a Model

You can open existing Simulink models or create new models from the Simulink Library Browser.

To create a new model:

Select File > New > Model in the Simulink Library Browser.

The software opens an empty model window.

To open an existing model:

Select File > Open in the Simulink Library Browser.

The Open dialog box appears.

Select the model (.mdl file) you want to open, then click Open.

The software opens the selected model in the model window.

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