• Polynomials in Matlab

    Polynomial Applications in Matlab In this section we will see Matlab commands related to polynomials. Respectively: Introducing a Polynomial in…

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  • uifigure

    Matlab uifigure usage fig = uifigure creates a figure for building a user interface and returns the Figure object. This is the type of…

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  • appdesigner

    appdesigner opens the App Designer Start Page. From the Start Page you can create a new blank app, or a new…

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  • Text in String Arrays

    When you are working with text, enclose sequences of characters in double quotes. You can assign text to a variable.…

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  • Matlab Live Editor

    Programming and Scripts

    Scripts To create a script, use the edit command, edit mysphere This command opens a blank file named mysphere.m. Enter some code that…

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  • Matlab Functions

    Calling a Function in Matlab

    MATLAB® provides a large number of functions that perform computational tasks. Functions are equivalent to subroutines or methods in other programming languages. To call…

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  • Wireless Engineering with Matlab

    If you use Matlab you can reduce development time for Wireless engineering and eliminate design problems early, and streamline testing…

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