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    Building the

    ® provides a set of predefined blocks that you can combine to create a detailed diagram of your system. Tools hierarchical modeling, data management, and subsystem customization you to represent even the most complex system concisely and accurately.

    Selecting Blocks

    The Simulink Library Browser includes:

    Continuous and discrete dynamics blocks, such as Integration and Unit Delay
    Algorithmic blocks, such as Sum, Product, and Lookup Table
    Structural blocks, such as Mux, Switch, and Bus Selector
    You can build customized functions by using these blocks or by incorporating hand-written ®, C, Fortran, or Ada code into your model.

    Your custom blocks can be stored in their own libraries within the Simulink Library Browser.

    Simulink add-on products let you incorporate specialized for aerospace, communications, PID control, control logic, signal processing, and image processing, and other applications. Add-on products are also available for modeling physical systems with mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic components.

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