Starting the MATLAB Program on Macintosh Platforms

Starting the MATLAB Program from the Macintosh Desktop

To start the MATLAB program on Apple Macintosh platforms, double-click the MATLAB icon in the Applications folder.

You can specify the current folder upon startup as well as other options—for more information, see Startup Folder for the MATLAB Program and Startup Options.

If MATLAB fails to start due to a problem with required system components such as X11 or Sun Microsystems™ Java™ software, diagnostics run automatically and advise you of the problem, along with suggestions to correct it.

After starting MATLAB, the desktop opens. Desktop components that were open when you last shut down MATLAB will be opened on startup. For more information, see Desktop. If the DISPLAY environment variable is not set or is invalid, the desktop will not display.


On Macintosh platforms, if you run MATLAB remotely, for example using rlogin, you must run with nodisplay, noawt, and nojvm startup options—for more information, see Startup Options.

Starting the MATLAB Program from a Shell on Macintosh Platforms

You can start MATLAB on Macintosh platforms the way you would start it on other UNIX[1] platforms. For example, you would run


For more information, see Starting the MATLAB Program on UNIX Platforms.

[1] UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the United States and other countries.

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