Terms of Use

Benefiting and/or benefiting from matlabtutorials.com services via the website www.matlabtutorials.com (“matlabtutorials.com”), which allows its users to share experiences, comment, and discuss the applications that can be developed on the internet, mobile phones or similar platforms and provide other content. All users are expected to comply with these terms regarding the services provided on matlabtutorials.com. If you think that matlabtutorials.com services are being abused or you are uncomfortable with the information published, you are kindly requested to contact matlabtutorials.com at matlabtutorials.com/contact.

Purpose of usage
Users acknowledge that the posts, articles, and images published on the matlabtutorials.com website are for personal comment, sharing or discussion purposes only and that they will not pursue any other purpose such as advertising and promotion.

Terms of use
Each matlabtutorials.com user can share his / her name, surname, and e-mail address in the relevant fields, and publish texts and images on matlabtutorials.com as they wish within the limits of the Terms of Use.

While the user is benefiting from matlabtutorials.com services,

He is personally responsible for all kinds of transactions he will make with his e-mail address.
He is personally responsible for all kinds of transactions with the Facebook user.
Since the copyright of the services, software, and images provided by matlabtutorials.com belongs to matlabtutorials.com, these contents should not be reproduced or distributed in any way.
When matlabtutorials.com uses its services, it is the responsibility of the statement, text, and the files it adds to matlabtutorials.com environment and the personal information it sends, including but not limited to disputes that may arise with other users.
It accepts that matlabtutorials.com cannot be held responsible for these files in any way, that matlabtutorials.com is free to publish or not publish these opinions and thoughts, and that it has the right to edit these views and comments through moderators and correct spelling errors.
It should not send messages, visuals, and comments that are immoral, racist, threatening, and contrary to laws and international agreements.
They should not harass or threaten other users, or use hurtful or derogatory expressions.
Publish, print, reproduce or distribute any defamatory, defamatory, immoral, indecent, or illegal material or information on the names of persons or institutions.
They must not advertise, sell, or offer to sell any goods or services.
It should not use matlabtutorials.com content, services, and other intellectual property assets for personal or commercial purposes without obtaining the permission of matlabtutorials.com.
They should not record, disseminate, or misuse personal information belonging to others.
It must not send information or programs that may harm information or software on other users’ computers.
If he/she acts against the rules, he/she agrees that matlabtutorials.com has the right to intervene and dismiss the user from service.

matlabtutorials.com has the following powers.

  • matlabtutorials.com may temporarily suspend or stop the operation of the website and systems at any time.
    In the event that the system is suspended temporarily or completely shut down, matlabtutorials.com will not have any responsibility against its users or third parties.
  • matlabtutorials.com will take the necessary care but do not undertake, to provide its services in a timely, error-free, safe manner, to ensure that the results obtained from the use of the service are accurate and reliable and that the service quality meets expectations.
  • matlabtutorials.com has the authority to back up and delete some or all of the messages and visuals that users will keep in the environment while they benefit from the system. matlabtutorials.com will not be held responsible for backup and deletion.
  • matlabtutorials.com produces and / or purchases information, documents, software, designs, graphics, etc. has the copyrights of the works arising from ownership and ownership.
  • The matlabtutorials.com users have created and uploaded to the system of their own free will for publication (for example, shared home images, with the note attached to the clipboard
  • matlabtutorials.com produces and / or purchases information, documents, software, designs, graphics, etc. has the copyrights of the works arising from ownership and ownership.

Publishing and processing of works such as information, documents, software, designs, graphics that matlabtutorials.com users have produced and uploaded to the system for publication (for example, shared house images, notes added to the board, comments written on discussions, etc.) in all kinds of written and visual media has the right to share on social media networks and/or to move it to another address deemed appropriate by matlabtutorials.com within the matlabtutorials.com system. It is possible for this published information to be copied, processed, and / or published by other users. In such cases, the user will not demand any royalties from matlabtutorials.com.
matlabtutorials.com can enable the user to navigate and switch to websites other than matlabtutorials.com system. In this case, the user agrees in advance that matlabtutorials.com is not responsible for the content of the sites to which it will switch.
matlabtutorials.com services that do not require user membership can be turned into a membership requiring membership over time, they can open additional services, change some of their services partially or completely, or convert them into paid ones.
matlabtutorials.com is obliged to provide the user personal information to the requesting party if requested in accordance with the law.

Data Retention

matlabtutorials.com has all the intellectual rights of the data and data generated by the use of its system. matlabtutorials.com may issue reports containing demographic information without disclosing the user information with the said information, or use such information or reports itself and share these reports and/or statistics with business partners and third parties for free or free of charge. These transactions do not constitute a violation of matlabtutorials.com Privacy Policy provisions. User information (user name, surname, e-mail address, and other information) registered on matlabtutorials.com, users’ comments/evaluations, shares, other articles, and pictures they publish. It is kept for at least three (3) years subject to matlabtutorials.com Privacy Policy.