• Adding Text Annotations to Graphs

    What Are Text Annotations? Text annotations are boxes containing text strings that you compose. The box can have a border…

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  • Documents

    MATLAB Commands

    Basic Command Syntax A simple MATLAB command computes the result of the expression to the right of the equals sign…

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  • arrayfun

    arrayfun – Apply function to each element of array Syntax A = arrayfun(fun, S) A = arrayfun(fun, S, T, ...)…

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  • Functions


    Construct array with accumulation Syntax A = accumarray(subs,val) A = accumarray(subs,val,sz) A = accumarray(subs,val,sz,fun) A = accumarray(subs,val,sz,fun,fillval) A = accumarray(subs,val,sz,fun,fillval,issparse)…

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  • save

    SAVE Save workspace variables to disk. SAVE FILENAME saves all workspace variables to the binary “MAT-file” named FILENAME.mat. The data…

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  • dir

    dir List directory. dir directory_name lists the files in a directory. Pathnames and wildcards may be used.  For example, dir…

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