• Logical Subscripting

    Matlab Logical Subscripting Tutorial The logical vectors created from logical and relational operations can be used to reference subarrays. Suppose…

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  • The find Function

    Find Function The find function determines the indices of array elements that meet a given logical condition. In its simplest…

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  • matlab

    The magic Function

    Matlab MAGIC Function MATLAB actually has a built-in function that creates magic squares of almost any size. Not surprisingly, this…

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  • Subscripts

    Subscripts Command The element in row i and column j of A is denoted by A(i,j). For example, A(4,2) is…

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  • bsxfun

    bsxfun – Apply element-by-element binary operation to two arrays with singleton expansion enabled Syntax C = bsxfun(fun,A,B) Description C =…

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  • arrayfun

    arrayfun – Apply function to each element of array Syntax A = arrayfun(fun, S) A = arrayfun(fun, S, T, ...)…

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  • idivide

    idivide – Integer division with rounding option Syntax C = idivide(A, B, opt) C = idivide(A, B) C = idivide(A,…

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