• Linear Algebra

    Informally, the terms matrix and array are often used interchangeably. More precisely, a matrix is a two-dimensional numeric array that…

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  • The Colon Operator

    The colon, :, is one of MATLAB’s most important operators. It occurs in several different forms. The expression 1:10 is…

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  • while

    while Repeat statements an indefinite number of times. The general form of a while statement is: while expression statements END…

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  • return

    return Return to invoking function. return causes a return to the invoking function or to the keyboard. It also terminates…

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  • elseif

    elseif IF statement condition. elseif is used with IF. The statements after the elseif are executed if the expression is…

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  • if

    if if statement condition. The general form of the if statement is if expression statements ELSEIF expression statements ELSE statements…

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  • for

    for Repeat statements a specific number of times. The general form of a for statement is: for variable = expr,…

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