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    Referring to Class Files

    Define in M-files just like scripts and . To use the editor or debugger with a class file, use the full class name. For example, suppose the file for a class, myclass.m is in the following location:


    To open myclass.m in the MATLAB editor, you could reference the file using dot-separated package names:

    edit PackFld1.PackFld2.myclass

    You could also use notation:

    edit +PackFld1/+PackFld2/@myclass/myclass

    If myclass.m is not in an @-folder, then enter:

    edit +PackFld1/+PackFld2/myclass

    To refer to functions inside a package folder, use dot or path separators:

    edit PackFld1.PackFld2.packFunction
    edit +PackFld1/+PackFld2/packFunction

    To refer to a defined in its own file inside of a class @-folder, use:

    edit +PackFld1/+PackFld2/@myclass/myMethod

    For debugging, dbstop accepts any of the file specifications used by the edit command.

    [important]See for information about clearing class.[/important]

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